Wii Fit

June 24, 2008

Is anyone else using this fucking thing?

It’s awesome. But …

When I step on it, and it makes a little pained “oh!” I want to throw it out the window.

And it made my Mii fat.



In Short …

June 21, 2008

Kitty: You know that I totally love you, right?
Zilla: (playful smile on his face) I love you too.

Not all dramatic, but very “us” all in the same. Dammit though – I wanted him to say it first so my insecurities wouldn’t reason that I had somehow coerced him into saying it. Oh well. It’s said. It was sweet. My heart kinda melted … at least a bit.

  • My parents are on their way to town for the night. I got my Dad seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Weeds for Father’s Day. We’ll see how he likes it. (It’s my second favorite show on TV, and yes, you should Netflix it. Lost is the first. And this is why.)
  • In the weight loss quest, I’m getting a bike. I’m sure I’ll look like a carnival employee with my fat ass flying down Forest Park Parkway on a bike, but oh well. We’ll see.
  • I’m addicted to Sloe Gin Fizz. Have it. You’ll be addicted too.
  • I got an iPod touch. I really love it.
  • I’ve still not met Yellow Fever‘s baby. I’m a bastard.
  • My cats got shaved – lion cuts for both. I’m cruel, and yes, it makes me laugh to see them like that. 
  • If you’re considering buying a car, DO NOT GO TO Suntrup West County Volvo/Saab in St. Louis. They’re shady fuckers that tried to add additional costs (such as: “We need $500 just to process the paperwork and run your credit. We can’t tell you how we’d help you with financing til we receive that $500. Sorry I forgot to tell you about that earlier.), $130 additionally for processing, oh, and FORGETTING to tell me that the hot Volvo they were trying to sell me had previously been OWNED BY ENTERPRISE RENT-A-CAR. No thanks. I’m one step closer now from breaking my Saab loyalty and getting that Chrysler Crossfire that I’ve been wanting anyway.
  • Zilla goes to bed at 10 pm, at the latest. It’s usually 9:30. Gets up at 6. Has coffee, reads the news. Very domestic. I love it – and sleeping over at his house. I’d not trade our domesticity for anything in the entire world. It’s amazing. We woke up yesterday at 6 and planted two new flowerbeds in front of his house. 
  • That’s it, in short.