And what the hell…

is up with people I’ve not heard from in like 6 years from Jesus Tech University, where I went to school, messaging me on MySpace and Facebook? Random. If I’ve not kept in touch with you, I probably didn’t want to.

That said, I turned around and hunted down some friends that I’ve missed. We’ll see what becomes of that.

2 Responses to And what the hell…

  1. Cockbag says:

    Good to see that Jesus Tech taught you the finer points of hypocrisy. Kidding of course I got a friend request on facebook from someone on my Europe tour that I barely spoke to.

  2. Eric says:

    uh, yeah. All of my old, conservative Christian southern friends are now friending me on Facebook. I keep wondering what part of the atheist, gay liberal freakazoid profile I have on there is so enticing to them?
    Must be my massive Christian penis.

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