I love looking at Share-My-Art. I’ve been a fan for quite some time.

So I went there today, and saw this – Cardboard Cathedral and Tree in Parts

It began in the previous entry – Cardboard Cathedral and Tree.

Not that I’m rejoicing in the demise of Paul’s artwork, (stifling a snicker here), nor does he enjoy the destruction of churches (barely containing a full on guffaw at this point) but there’s just something funny in the idea of Big Bad God smiting a cardboard church. Did the cardboard people quit believing in him? Had they forsaken God to instead worship the Blasphemous Scissor Monster? 

What provoked cardboard God into destroying this church? Maybe he doesn’t like the corrugated man. 

Who knows.

One Response to Hateful

  1. Sharemyart says:

    Yo…..how ya doin’
    Thanks for adding a link to my post….. remember when our lovely queen had her annus horriblis…was it #92?
    Well Windsor Castle set fire.
    I’m not saying I’ve had a horrible year…or even that I was having a bad day.
    It was just that in order to capture the cardboard cathedral in the light I had to take it outside to photograph….
    Well the wind was beating me up again and again whilst I tried to get the peices to stay in place…
    I figured that the image of the cathedral in parts was just as worthy for inclusion as that of any image of the magestic structure still standing….
    Such is the ravages of time and the elements.
    Thanks for reading.

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