Short and sweet – it’s how many miles I rode one way to work this morning on my brand new, superhot bike!

On my quest to lose weight, save money, and help the environment, I dropped 500 bones on a bike Saturday with the goal of riding it to work on days where rain was not in the forecast. 

So today, I did it. I’ll be riding nearly nine miles a day, hopefully five days a week.

I felt like I was going to puke at one point, but oh my fsm, I felt so awesome. Like a kid – excited about my new bike! Such an awesome feeling.


5 Responses to 4.45

  1. Cockbag says:

    Me being the nerd I am Kitty, you will have to bike 3,750 miles to break even based upon $4 a gallon gas at 30mpg. But it is more than just gas savings money, I know.

  2. archphoenix says:

    I got a bike with the intention of biking the Katy Trail. And then we found out we were moving a couple of weeks later. I have this nice shiny hardly used bike in pieces on my deck. I need to figure out how to put it together and then, you know, use it.

  3. blasphemousandoffensive says:


    Yes, thanks. Way to discourage me.

    Not really. We all know that gas will soon be easily far more than $4 per gallon.

    Not to mention, that wasn’t my focus. Saving money is nice and all, but it’s good for the planet, and good for exercise.

    And fun too.

  4. blasphemousandoffensive says:


    That totally sucks. I would have gone on fun bikerides with you! 😦 We could have been a gang!

  5. archphoenix says:

    Ooh bike gang! Or, like the Pink Ladies – Grease lightning!

    Gas out here is around $4.60 for the cheap stuff. :/

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