And God Smiled at Us All …

And God brought forth Becks, in his perfect state.

Think that pic is hot? (It gets bigger if you click it, btw)

Check out the huge, screaming, estrogen-fest that broke out when the NEW David Beckham Armani ads went up in San Fran yesterday … (Thanks dListed – we heart you!)

One word, God: Thanks.


3 Responses to And God Smiled at Us All …

  1. archphoenix says:

    Posh is one lucky bitch. I think it’s HILARIOUS that they hung that banner the week before the Pride parade. Good planning on Armani’s part.

  2. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    She totally is. Do you think he’s got those cuts on his knees from sexing her though? She’s so skinny – I bet her bones cut him.

  3. archphoenix says:

    She kind of freaks me out – like a Bratz doll come to life. She’s pretty damn funny though. And yes, I think sexing her hurts.

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