That Time Again. And a House Full of Gays.

This weekend, my ex (and current housemate), who I am still friends with (I call him WestEnder, although Grouchy McBitchPants may work better and be more fun to say) has invited his boyfriend T-Rex (giggle) to come stay the weekend.

I have also invited Zilla to come and stay with me – as he does every weekend. 

My house is going to be chock full o’ gays. It should be fun.

Also, it’s Father’s Day. If you’re blessed with the good fortune  of having a father who is living (don’t ever take this for granted) make sure to send him a card. It won’t take any of your stinking free time, and it will make his week. Promise. Even if he is mean. He’ll still appreciate it deep down in his lil Grinch heart.

Finally, yearly hiv/std test time. I got stuck yesterday, should find something out asap. Keep me in your prayers, please, and make sure to get tested regularly. It’s your civic duty.

Finally. Today, I am tired. And stressed. And I laid down on my concrete floor covered by disgusting blue high-wear carpet in my office and took a nap. DesignDiva walked in, scared the hell out of me, and made me have something that resembled a seizure.


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