Since I’ve Been Gone

I’m dating someone. He’s amazing. And a ginger. And it’s odd to find myself smitten.

I am on a quest to lose weight. It’s going well.

I am nearing the completion of my first school year of my second master’s degree.

The new fella – Zilla – has gotten me completely and sickly addicted to playing American Idol: Karaoke Revolution on my Wii.

I’m addicted to the Wii. From Smash Brothers to Wii Fit to basic Wii Tennis, it’s like cocaine, but doesn’t have that nasty nose side effect stuff.

I’ve been catching old reruns of Buffy. God I miss that show.

I’ve been purchasing and reading my favorite books from my childhood – and I’m still loving them.

I saw “The Strangers” and it scared the hell out of me. There’s a lot of hell in me – that was a major task.

I reconnected last night with an old friend – s00zi – and it was so rewarding.

Isis and IcyBlues had a baby – named Aiko – and she’s beautiful and perfect.

I voted for Obama – I hope he’s not the AntiChrist, but I don’t think he is.


4 Responses to Since I’ve Been Gone

  1. Isis says:

    I just wanted to send some love. I miss you and your sarcasm. Good to see life rewarding your hard work!

  2. Cockbag says:

    YAY you are back. If I was gone for that long my post would be the complete opposite of yours. Not a bad thing—shit just changes.

  3. Eric says:

    Ah, so you’re dating Zilla? I was so confused because I felt like I was missing something. Has he made you make a gnome warlock too yet?

  4. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    Gnome warlock? Nope.

    Zilla is short for “DuZilla” which is my nickname for him.

    And yes – it’s revolting that I have a nickname for him, but hey, it works this time for some reason.

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