“Sweeney Todd” beating “Juno” for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes was the fucking lamest thing I’ve ever seen.WTF?And what the hell is La Vie en Rose and why did some old battle axe beat Ellen Page, who was fantastic in Juno?I hate awards shows because the stupid Hollywood machine is so far out of touch with what the general populace feels makes a “good” movie. I liked Sweeney Todd – don’t get me wrong – but most of that had to do with seeing Johnny Depp. Juno was brilliant, funny, charming, touching, and dealt with issues that people have every day.Sweeney Todd was a remake of a musical – nothing original about it. Juno was. Ellen Page rocked, and if Johnny Depp wants to celebrate his Golden Globe win by sleeping with me, I’ll happily indulge him. But he’s crazy, so I’d definitely sleep with one eye open. 


2 Responses to ROBBED

  1. Eric says:

    I wouldn’t freak out, darling. 🙂 It’s likely that Juno’s going to ride the wave of support to an Oscar nom and odds are Sweeney’s going to be shut out.

  2. Tallfreak says:

    I loved them both. But I probably did enjoy Juno just a tad bit more.

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