Happy Birthday!

Today, O.’s boyfriend turns 23.

Happy birthday, gorgeous.


7 Responses to Happy Birthday!

  1. Well, happy birthday to that man! I hope he is just as gorgeous as you!

  2. mikelinstlcwe says:

    must have missed something….
    just what….im not sure.
    Maybe the invitation got lost in the mail…….there was a party im assuming.

  3. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
    You must be very gorgeous!!
    You’ve certainly landed on your feet with the lovely O!!!


  4. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    Ha. None of ya’ll clicked on the link. It was Prince Harry’s birthday. If I had a boyfriend, you all would most certainly certainly have heard about it before now 🙂

  5. I am a doofus.
    I missed the link and only just clicked on it now to discover how deluded I’d been…

    Yes, no talk of a boyfriend, no previous hints or innuendo…most unlike you, O…
    You deserve someone as fresh and gorgeous as my prince though, darling.
    I think he’s terribly cute xxx


  7. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    Oh you are so so wrong, Christina. He’s far cuter than prince horseface … er … william.

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