Do You Know 2.0

O. is in a class called “The Internet and Education” and watching this YouTube video and leaving comments was one of his first assignments.

Peppered with facts about the comfort level of technology that young people today have, and how often it is used is interesting. Many others on O.’s class discussion board were expressing concerns about how technology is moving too fast for them, how it is dumbing their students down, and how they wished they could go back to the “good ole’ days” of books and paper.

Eff that! O. loves technology! Children around the world can learn that they have more similarities with others than differences. Technology isn’t something to be frightened of, it is a learning tool that we all must embrace.

O. is far more scared of future teachers – like some of those in his program – that think technology is a fad and will just go away.



3 Responses to Do You Know 2.0

  1. Cockbag says:

    Amazing how things change so fast.

  2. Staggo Lee says:

    I’m 55, and most of all my contemporaries cannot cope with changing times. I mean, that whole hand-wringing about the decline of society is so sad. Need I go into the endless reasons why this age is no less good as antiquity (i.e. the Baby Boomer heyday)? So much of today’s tech is adaptable to any age group. It’s sad when people feel threatened by change, rather than elevated. Through my whole life, things have changed quickly. I keep the good and infuse it with new potential. That’s what our teachers need to get across.

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