Vacation Time! Yaaaaay!

chicagoLast night, after a five hour drive, O. arrived at Midway Airport in Chicago.

No, he’s not fleeing the country – this time. Although he did pack in a huge hurry, with suitcases that looked like they’d been packed by someone fleeing an abusive husband.

O., Pharmastrist and LawnCare are on a mini-getaway to the Windy City.


Pharmastrist is turning the big 3-5, and we’re here to celebrate and shit.

After arriving at the hotel, the three of us did unspeakable things to one another went to dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery, where O. feasted on some seriously sexy beer battered mahi mahi tacos complete with pineapple slaw.

And what’s with all the hotness here in Chicago? O. hasn’t seen one ugly person yet!

More updates to come…


3 Responses to Vacation Time! Yaaaaay!

  1. mikelinstlcwe says:

    Those Tacos sound excellent!!
    Chitown is sexy as hell….ya got that one right.

  2. VinnieG says:

    It is almost disgusting who hot the people there are. We need to import some fat ugly people so that the rest of the city doesn’t get a sweeled head.

  3. I have just returned from my own mini-break, sans internet connection, obviously…

    Four days down in the wine growing district of Margaret River…Perfectly blissful and wine sodden, of course!

    Love the sound of the fabulous types in the Windy City!!


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