Is Fidel Castrol Pushing Up Daisies?

che guevara tshirtEntertainment blogger (and a major guilty pleasure of O.’s) Perez Hilton has possibly scooped CNN and other major news sources with the news that Fidel Castro is dead.


Who knows.

While O. is nearly as offensive as one can possibly be, celebrating the death of any human being is far beyond him. O. is – and has long been – a staunch pacifist.

So, if Fidel is dead, we have a few scenarios. O. is definitely no fan of this monster – or his puppet Che Guevara (no matter how ‘cool’ or ‘relevant’ misguided hipsters think this mass murderer was) – but in ways, Castro has held Cuba together. Socialized health care, free college education, a higher literacy rate than the US are just a few.

Presumably, the US thinks that after Castro dies we can step in and make Cuba a democracy. Great idea – it worked so well in Iraq! Oh wait…it didn’t.

We  need to lend a helping hand, if indeed Fidelito is dead, but we need to let Cuba make the transition on their own. Through the healthy expatriate/exile community currently based in Miami, a healthy transition *without turning Cuba into Southern Florida complete with McDonald’s and Wal-Mart* can probably be held.

And…how cool is it that a gossip columnist potentially scooped every major news organization in the world…

Shows the power of the Internet…and the blogosphere.


One Response to Is Fidel Castrol Pushing Up Daisies?

  1. i love that perez posted it almost like two weeks ago! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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