(Occasional) Word of the Day: Sybarite

DictionaryO. noticed this fantastic word (highlighted) while perusing the website of the Domestic Minx:

For I am a hedonist, a sybarite, a voluptuary and a bon vivant!
And proud of it too.

Unsure of this word, O. looked it up.

Here’s the def: a person addicted to luxury and pleasures of the senses

And if you want to hear it pronounced out loud, check it out on the online talking dictionary. And while you’re checking out the online talking dictionary, DO NOT get hooked on making it say naughty words as O. so often does. However, DO make it say the word ‘hogwash.’ You’ll be glad you did.

(comic courtesy of Toothpaste for Dinner)


3 Responses to (Occasional) Word of the Day: Sybarite

  1. s00zi says:

    . . . I am not a sybarite.

    But, I did have quite the SeXXXy dream last night.
    I received the best “O” ever riding on top. . .

    I actually woke up and I was still twitchin’ from the itchin’…
    MmmmMmmm Good!

  2. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    Oh s00zi! You naughty little thing!

  3. It is a delicious word isn’t it, O?

    I imagine you are a sybaritic sensualist of the highest order, darling…


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