Not the Prom King Anymore

prom kingAugust 22 is a day that O. has been both anticipating and dreading for a few weeks now.

The pencils are sharpened. The new computer has been ordered. And $240 on two measley books has been spent.

Tomorrow – August 22 – is O.’s first day of school.

After completing his master’s of management degree and graduating in May 2007, O. had pretty much decided that he’d be done with school for one year, then he’d begin his Ph.D.

But the allure of learning called to him like Bali Ha’i, as it so often has in the past.

And when a new, exciting master’s degree in computer education piqued his interest in early July, he knew that he could not resist.

But being the sponge that O. is – or as some like to call it a glutton for punishment – he also wanted to achieve another goal.

O. wants to learn Spanish.

O. was adopted when he was a wee baby, and approximately four years ago, he found out that his biological father was from Mexico; his mother is German-Irish. And since that time period, learning Spanish has been something he has desired so greatly to do.

Call it a connection to a part of him that he’s just getting to know. Call it a grasp at a paternal relationship he’ll never know. Call it the pursuit of an enigmatic part of O.’s own psyche.

But he’s taken the bull by the horns.

Tomorrow, O. will sit in a classroom full of 18-22 year old students.

He won’t know any of them.

They won’t know that he was the prom king.  And wouldn’t care.

He’s not young anymore. He’s an adult learner.

It won’t be the same as college was the first time – which is good and bad.

He’ll have to get by on charm, good looks, and a bit of sheer dumb luck.

And he’ll do it.

O. will be terrified, but in one year, his Spanish will be fanstastic.

And in two, master’s degree numero dos will have been earned.

Time to go – O. has syllabi to read!


9 Responses to Not the Prom King Anymore

  1. VinnieG says:

    Good luck. . .you’ll always be the prom king to me. . .

  2. mikelinstlcwe says:

    Oh Good Lordy—Glutton to say the least…and a brave soul.
    Good luck my friend.
    I’m glad you get to do something that u love to do…..learn.
    your friendly neighborman

  3. Cockbag says:

    Just don’t start popping your collar and get a whole new wardrobe from Hollister. You may be in a class of 18-22 year olds just don’t try to be one.

  4. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    Aww, shucks, Vinnie. I’ll have to send you the pictures 🙂

  5. blasphemousandoffensive says:


    Thanks for the good wishes! I’ll have to teach you some of my Spanish and some computer stuff too!

  6. wooohoo I wish you went to my school! We would have sooo much fun!

  7. oh, and good luck.

    I’m spanish too!!! Well puerto rican and italian anyway.

  8. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    ok, we really were separated at birth. love it. no wonder we get along! I wish i went to your school too, but I’m sure that would be illegal in 49 states…

  9. Good luck with the spanish learning!

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