Lane Hudson vs. Fred Dalton Thompson

Fred Dalton ThompsonLiberal blogger Lane Hudson – who you may or may not remember as the hero who exposed Internet pedophile slash Congressman Mark Foley’s inappropriate emails to Congressional pages – is making an impact again.

This time he’s after Republican sweetheart maybe Presidential contender Fred Dalton Thompson.

Hudson filed a complaint with the FEC suggesting that Dalton, who plays District Attorney Arthur Branch on Law and Order and is (in O.’s opinion) the biggest jerk on television, has violated a plethora of campaign laws – including financing, spending, and fundraising.

O. is officially declaring Lane Hudson this blog’s first Blasphemous Hero. The right wingers hate this guy – check out his comments section – for stirring the pot.

We say that we need more concerned citizens like Lane Hudson – on both sides of the fence – to expose political corruption.

And …

We also have to give John Edwards a nod for making an incredibly noble decision in choosing not to accept any campaign dollars from lobbyists in an attempt to tell said lobbyists “Your money is no good here, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

We’re impressed.

And check out that picture – do we really need another Prez who has perfected a sneer?


2 Responses to Lane Hudson vs. Fred Dalton Thompson

  1. Eric says:

    Yeah, I’m proud of him. I hope the LGBT community – and Democrats in general! – are behind him and support him while he endures the crazed attacks of the right.
    Of course, I’m SURE the right is only attacking him and wishing death upon him out of Christian love, right?

  2. blasphemousandoffensive says:


    I agree – he should definitely prepare for attacks, just like he had to endure when the Mark Foley thing broke. I remember the disbelief, the name calling. Then the emails surfaced, and everyone was silent.

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