Check This Out!

O., as any blasphemous or offensive person should be, is an art fanatic.

Art fuels the mind.

It shapes history.

And it is often too expensive to be appreciated at home, forcing one to make endless trips to the art museum and getting a slap on the hand when reaching out to touch a Van Gogh.  Sometimes.

O. has discovered a fantastic new artist – Paul Anthony Ramsden – who has taken flight on the Internet. The net is good for more than just surfing for porn or online comics – it allows amazing artists like Ramsden and countless grassroots singers, writers, and visual artists to share their work with the world.

Paul’s blog – Share My Art – is a must see.

Enlighten yourself with his words.
Fall in love with his vegetables.

You’ll not be disappointed. And nobody will shout at you or slap your hand for trying to touch any of it.


4 Responses to Check This Out!

  1. We have so much in common, O.

    I too am a patron of the arts and make an excursion each week to anywhere I can be inspired by the creative ministrations of others.

    I won’t have to go far now, will I?
    And I am rather fond of vegetables.


  2. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    Not at all! I think you’ll really like his stuff – and he’s a poet too. He’s a triple threat (he’s also kinda cute!)

  3. Paul says:

    Thank you so much the this amazing review of my work.

    I’m glad I’ve found your blog.

    Thank you.


  4. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    Oh wow! I’m flattered! The artist reads me!

    Paul, I’m more than happy to plug your work – it is beautiful.


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