Friday Fantasy Fresh and Fun

BedroomFriday has arrived, and it is time to indulge.

All week, a fantasy has been dancing around in O.’s head.

Fresh, crisp, cool sheets – 800 threadcount, of course – lightly scented with chestnut linen perfume…

The low-framed king bed welcomes O., calling to him. “Get in. You’ll not regret it.”

It is turned down invitingly, so that a naughty peek of the white sheets underneath can be seen. Two brown pillows, two tan ones, and two light blue ones – all down – invite O. to dive into sheer luxury. The down comforter and pillow top are also fluffed full – sleeping on a cloud of comfort.

But not yet!

First, a steamy, soapy shower with light lemony lather. Then comes the sky blue terry cloth robe that will be O.’s uniform for the rest of the evening.

The windows are curtained – the heavy brown drapes close out the world, and the air inside is cooled to a chilly yet comfortable 65 degrees…

A warm ceramic mug full of creamy, sweet Chai with a hint of vanilla and sweetened with much sugar and honey beckons to be quickly consumed…

…from the comfort of the bed…

…as Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann dazzles in Roman Holiday, followed quickly by the Grace Kelly seducing cat burgeler Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief…

Friday is here.

The terrycloth has been applied.

O. is off to indulge.


2 Responses to Friday Fantasy Fresh and Fun

  1. Staggo Lee says:

    Oh, O., you think you have it so swell? Well, just take a peek where I live, and eat your heart out!

  2. Oh darling, that sounds heavenly!
    How I long for the oasis of calm that you have described so deliciously…

    I can only dream of it, I fear, with the imminent arrival of thirty five teenage boys about to descend on Chateau Minx…

    A beautiful, beautiful post that makes me yearn for my bed and those delectable sheets…


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