Hello Kitty! You’re Under Arrest!

Hello KittyToday, O.’s friend Coal forwarded him an interesting story from CNN.

So apparently police officers who commit crimes in Thailand will now be forced to wear Hello Kitty armbands around the office as a way to deter them and others from future crimes.

Interesting idea…emasculate tough, macho cops by forcing them to wear the Japanese icon of “cute.”

O. is partly amused by this, and partly troubled. First, it must be known that O. is a HUGE Hello Kitty fan, which he finds neither emasculating or shameful. No, he does not run amok wearing Hello Kitty clothes, but he enjoys pens, greeting cards, stampers, and stickers. (Granted, he likes any kind of stickers or stamper, but Hello Kitty with pink ink is just too fun.)

While shaming a police officer into walking the straight and narrow is not a bad idea in itself, the thought of humiliating someone in front of their peers seems a bit extreme, and has potential for further expansion. If it is a Thai concept to emasculate an officer using Hello Kitty, what is to stop the same system from forcing an officer to come in wearing drag?

Although this would be funny, O. is a bit concerned that the overall idea here is that any man who is not macho or butch is not worthy of being a man at all. That is a bit concerning.

Thus, we call for an immediate end to this blaspheming of the righteous and holy name of Hello Kitty.

And, Thailand, if you need to unload all those armbands, please feel free to contact O. asap.


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