It’s Too Darn Hot

It’s too darn hot
It’s too darn hot

I’d like to sup
With my baby tonight…

Yep, that was a Cole Porter reference. And if you don’t know the song, listen to the version by Jewel – it is cute and fun, just like her.

It is burning up in St. Louis right now – we broke a heat record today with 103 degree and above temperatures. This picture, taken in O’s car (not while it had been sitting in the sun, but while O was actually driving in it with the air conditioning on), shows how hot it really got. Seriously. Hell is at least two degrees cooler…

Hot Temperature

So, in honor of this record breaking, O. will be staying in this evening.

And in honor of his Grandma Mildred, who taught him how to dance, exposed him to big band music, and knew every word to every Cole Porter song by heart, O. will be staying at home in the air conditioning enjoying some Cole Porter on his record player, and tearing through a few more chapters of “The Golden Compass.”

It’s just too darn hot.


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