What’s that Noise? Ah yes – thunderous applause!

Karl RoveKarl Rove, resident overlord of Hell President Bush’s senior political adviser and puppetmaster, decided to do the one good act he’ll ever commit in life today.

He resigned.

And it is about time.

Callooh callay! Oh joyous day!

Rove characterized his tenure in the White House as a “witness to history,” according to CNN. Yes, if “witness”means orchestrating a war that has killed thousands of people, oppressed thousands more, inspired a President to single-handedly unravel decades of foreign policy, stomp and dance on human rights and wipe his firey ass with the Constitution – well, then yeah, he was a witness.

Will the Prez be able to function without Rove? Who will read Georgie his bedtime stories? Who will tuck him in at night?

We have one guess – this guy…who is surely sad that this day has come.


2 Responses to What’s that Noise? Ah yes – thunderous applause!

  1. Staggo Lee says:

    No, my friend, the best thing Rove can do involves a rusty razor and two wrists. Such a happy fantasy (I smile as I cuddle my Teddy bear!)

  2. blasphemousandoffensive says:

    Ha. Well, as blasphemous and offensive as Mr. Rove may be, I’ll never endorse justifiable homicide, even for those who have wrought so much pain on others.

    It is far more deserving for Mr. Rove to live a nice, full life, where he can be confronted by the minute with the crimes he has brought against humanity.

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